UPSA Pro Vice Chancellor advocates Fintech investment for African development

The Pro Vice Chancellor of UPSA, Prof. Mensah Mawutor, has urged African leaders to invest in fintech to drive rapid transformation and growth on the continent.

According to him, a deliberate in fintech would foster collaboration among diverse sectors of Africa's economy, leading to an increase in job creation.

Speaking at the end of the three-day Africa Conference and Expo themed ‘Ideas In To Action, Proptech and Fintech', Prof. Mawutor stressed on the importance of African leaders working together.

”We need government to support when it comes to technology and taxation. We need support for the youth entering into this industry, there is the need for successive government to assist them,” Prof Mawutor said.

The recently concluded Africa Real Estate Conference and Expo brought together industry players worldwide to explore cutting-edge Proptech and Fintech solutions poised to revolutionise the and real estate sectors globally.

One of the highlights of the conference was the launch of a Proptech and Fintech platform to enable investors to remotely own and manage real estate businesses from anywhere on the planet.

According to Kevin Brown, Vice President of the National Association of , this technology will enhance efficiency for real estate agents and facilitate smoother transactions.

“I think the impact of Proptech and Fintech is amazing. It would help in efficiency, challenges with time, communication, business transactions and distances. It is going to help revolutionise businesses,” Mr Brown said.

Also speaking at the event was the CEO of Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA), Victoria Osei Sampah.

She emphasised the user-friendly nature of the new LMS Xchange device.

The device, she noted, provides real estate agents with comprehensive data and streamlines transactions while connecting them with clients locally and globally.

“Sign up for the new Xchange LMS today and unlock the full potential for your property portfolio,” she added.

Among the showcased innovations were advanced property management platforms, digital solutions, and blockchain-based transaction systems, all aimed at empowering stakeholders and catalyzing development.

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