Tallest Buildings in Ghana 2023

Tallest Buildings in Ghana

What are the tallest buildings in Ghana today? Which building pierce 's skyline the most? And how tall are they? This post lists all the tallest skyscrapers in Ghana and ranks them by height in meters (m)

When it comes to towering structures, Ghana may not be the first country that comes to mind. However, the nation boasts several impressive buildings that grace its skyline. Let's take a closer look at the top 10 tallest buildings in Ghana.

Tallest buildings in Ghana

Here are the tallest buildings in Ghana as of November 2023 and their heights;

#BuildingFloorsHeight (meters)
3SSNIT Tower Block1460
4Mirage Residence1457
5Exim Bank1457
6Heritage Towers1657
8Ridge Towers1553
9Atlantic Towers1550
10Cal Bank Towers1250
11Standard Chartered Bank1450
12 HQ1450
13Aqua (Villagio Vistas)1050
14Cedi House1450
15Chateau Towers A1346
16Premier Towers1346
17XGI Building1343
18One Airport Square941
Tallest buildings in Ghana

1. Alto (Villagio Vistas)

tallest building in ghana - Alto (Villagio Vistas)
  • Height: 93 meters
  • Floors: 27
  • Description: Built by Estates Development Company, Alto stands as a trio of luxurious residential buildings. It dominates Accra's skyline and is the tallest residential facility in Ghana.

2. Azure (Villagio Vistas)

  • Height: 71 meters
  • Floors: 17
  • Description: Another creation by Trasacco Estates Development Company, Azure complements Alto on the same premises. With an estimated height of 71 meters, it is the second tallest building in Ghana which explains its 4 units thyssenkrupp elevators (Elevator going 20 floors at 2.0m/s

3. World Trade Centretallest building in Accra

  • Height: 60 meters
  • Floors: 14
  • Location: Central Accra district
  • Description: Positioned at the heart of Accra, the World Trade Centre boasts 14 floors and an estimated height of 60 meters. It is a prominent commercial building in Ghana.

4. Mirage Residencetallest building in Ghana

  • Height: 57 meters
  • Floors: 14
  • Description: Offering breathtaking views of Accra, Mirage Residence is a 14-floor residential apartment building with an estimated height of 57 meters.

5. Exim Bank

tallest building in Ghana

  • Height: 57 meters
  • Floors: 14
  • Description: A new addition to Ghana's skyline, the Exim Bank tower earns its place with an estimated height of 57 meters, providing stunning views from the top.

6. Heritage Towers

Heritage Tower Ghana's tallest buildings.

  • Height: 57 meters
  • Floors: 16
  • Location: Ambassadorial Enclave, Ridge
  • Description: commercial and financial institutions, Heritage Towers stands at 16 floors with a height of approximately 57 meters.

7. The Octagon

Night time picture of The Octagon, Accra, one of Ghana's tallest buildings.
The Octagon, Accra.
  • Height: 53 meters
  • Floors: 12
  • Location: Accra Central Business District
  • Description: An ultra-modern retail-office complex, The Octagon, located in the heart of Accra, is the first in Ghana with a helipad, boasting a total height of around 53 meters.

8. Ridge Towers

Ridge Towers in Accra, one of Ghana's tallest buildings.Ridge Towers, Accra. Image via GHloaded.com

  • Height: 53 meters
  • Floors: 15
  • Location: Central Business District, Accra
  • Description: Built in 2005, Ridge Towers is a 15-storey building that accommodates financial institutions and businesses in Accra, with an estimated height of 53 meters.

9. Atlantic Towers

Atlantic Towers
  • Height: 50 meters
  • Floors: 15
  • Location:
  • Description: Situated in Airport City, the 15-storey Atlantic Towers offers prime office and commercial space, standing at 50 meters.

10. Cal Bank Towers

cal bank tower
Cal Bank Towers
  • Height: 50 meters
  • Floors: 12
  • Description: Overlooking the heart of Accra, the Cal Bank Tower is a corporate building with a height of 50 meters, making it a notable presence in the capital.

11. Standard Chartered Bank HQ

Standard Chartered Bank HQ
  • Height: 50m
  • Floors: 14
  • Description:
  • Standard Chartered Bank HQ Ghana is an office development located in Ridge, Greater Accra. It is developed by Standard Bank Group and will join other developments in the area including GLICO House, The Union and Beaufort Ridge. The project team members included MDS Architecture as the Architect and Wbho Construction Ghana as the Main Contractor.

12. Ecobank HQ

Ecobank HQ
  • Height: 50m
  • Floors: 14
  • Description: Located in the Capital of Ghana, this new office building for Ecobank is strategically situated in the West Ridge, Accra's financial district. The overall vision of this 17 950m² building, was to create a world-class facility that is contextually rooted and celebrates the spirit of Accra. 
  • The development is defined by best practice green principles in creating an energy-efficient building. The development is characterized by two building components mediated by a multi-volume entrance atrium which enhances movement connectivity.
  • The tallest element houses the office component at 14 storeys high, while the lower component houses the banking hall complemented by meeting rooms, canteen and auditorium.

13. Aqua (Villagio Vistas)

  • Height: 50m
  • Floors: 10
  • Description: The Alto is one of Villagio Vistas three residential developments in Accra, Ghana. Each of the towers is distinguished by a boldly patterned facade inspired by traditional Ghanaian Kente fabrics and cantilevered upper floors. The Alto has a 4 units thyssenkrupp elevators (Fastest elevator going 28 floors at 2.5m/s

14. Cedi House

Cedi House viewed from Ecobank roof garden
  • Height: 50m
  • Floors: 14
  • Description: Cedi House is a 14-story building in Accra, Ghana that houses the Bank of Ghana and the Ghana Stock Exchange.

15. Chateau Towers A

Chateau Towers A
  • Height: 46m
  • Floors: 13
  • Description: Chateau Towers, a striking architectural marvel in Accra, Ghana, stands out with its vibrant yellow and orange hues, dominating the skyline at Kuku Hill, . The 13-floor, 120-apartment project by Hollywood International Developers Ltd not only impresses with its aesthetic appeal but also dwarfs surrounding structures on its 1.2-acre land.

16. Premier Towers

Premier Towers
Premier Towers
  • Height: 46m
  • Floors: 13
  • Description: Premier Towers is within the vicinity of Ghana Ministries and the Law Court Complex in Accra. With a total of 13 floors, this high-rise office building provides ample parking and office space to suit a company's needs.
  • The Premier Tower is located off Liberia Road and Liberia Lake Road. It is adjacent to the National Theatre and Pension House (home to the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).

17. XGI Building

XGI Building, Shiashi
  • Height: 43m
  • Floors: 13
  • Description: 13-floored building at Shaishi,

18. One Airport Square

  • Height: 41m
  • Floors: 9
  • Description: One Airport Square, spanning nine floors and a ground floor for commercial activities, is a versatile 17,000-square-meter building in Accra, Ghana. The architectural design draws inspiration from traditional local art and the bark of palm trees, addressing climate concerns through environmental strategies. With a compact form, the building integrates a large hall for natural lighting and ventilation, offering flexible office configurations and featuring a distinctive design element with projecting terraces that gradually recede, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Accra is growing rapidly and with it the rise in the number of high-rises. It is interesting to note that a number of “plans” have been proposed to build even taller buildings such as the 73-storey Hope City, the Ritz Carlton , Labadi and the Accra Twin Towers among many others.

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