Top Real Estate Companies in Ghana 2023

Real Estate Companies in Ghana

Ghana's real estate sector is a dynamic landscape that accommodates various types of developments, from residential to commercial and industrial.

The industry has witnessed substantial growth, with numerous companies contributing to the changing skyline of cities like Accra.

In this article, we will delve into some of the leading real estate companies in Ghana, shedding light on their projects, innovations, and contributions to the country's urban development.

Overview of Real Estate in Ghana

Real estate in Ghana encompasses a broad spectrum, including commercial, residential, industrial, vacant land, and even digital properties.

The sector's value has consistently increased each year, reflecting the growing demand for quality and infrastructure.

Residential Real Estate Companies in Ghana

In this exploration, our focus will be primarily on residential real estate providers, highlighting companies involved in the development of housing estates.

So the following are the top residential real estate companies in Ghana

1. Lakeside Estates

Adom City Estate Limited

First on our list of top real estate companies in Ghana would be Lakeside Estates, recognized for offering nice and affordable residential facilities.

As a member of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (), Lakeside Estates has undertaken one of the largest real estate developments in Ghana, including a recreational park by a lake.

2. Gold Key Properties Limited

Gold Key Properties Limited

Gold Key Properties Limited is a leader in real estate development, boasting stylish, high-quality, and plush projects.

Notably, the company received accolades during the Ghana Property Awards, showcasing their commitment to excellence. Their properties are strategically located in areas like Cantonments, Ridge, and Airport Residential Area.

3. Clifton Homes

Clifton Homes

has earned a reputation for stylish, high-quality projects with a focus on impeccable build quality and flexible payment plans.

This approach has led to a track record of sold-out developments, market-leading asset growth, and an impressive number of repeat buyers and referrals.

4. Primrose Properties

Primrose Properties

Primrose Properties is dedicated to structuring, developing, and undertaking medium to major real estate developments for both residential and commercial properties.

Known for their commitment to quality, Primrose Properties is a significant player in the real estate sector.

5. Earlbeam Realty

Earlbeam Realty

Earlbeam Realty has established a presence in locations such as , East Legon, Dzorwulu, and Dodowa.

Their portfolio comprises over 1000 residential and commercial properties developed between 2019 and 2022.

6. Golden Coast Developers

Golden Coast Developers

Golden Coast Developers stands as a prominent force in Ghana's real estate development. Recognized for their plush properties, this company has received multiple awards, including three prestigious honours at the Ghana Property Awards.

Their developments span key areas in Accra, such as Cantonments, Ridge, and Airport Residential Area.

7. Rehoboth Property Limited

Rehoboth Property Limited

Limited stands out as a wholly Ghanaian-owned real estate company, founded in 2012.

Specializing in properties and estates for middle to high-income earners, Rehoboth has garnered praise for its developments.

8. The Greens

The Greens

The Greens, though a relatively new developer, has made its mark by consistently delivering quality properties.

Their commitment to not compromising on quality or security makes their properties stand out as masterpieces.

9. Devtraco


Devtraco stands as one of the most decorated real estate companies in Ghana, known for being one of the largest estates in the country.

With a focus on affordable living, each project reflects the traditional Devtraco quality.

10. Appolonia City

Appolonia City

Appolonia City represents one of the most ambitious and innovative real estate projects in Ghana.

With plans for over 25,000 housing units, a light industrial park, and a central business district, the project aims to accommodate a significant population.

11. Adom City Estate Limited

Adom City Estate Limited

Adom City Estate Limited is a decorated real estate company in Ghana, having won the prestigious Estate Developer of the Year award multiple times.

The company has grown from a start-up to a major player in the estate development sector.

12. Trasacco Estates Development

Trasacco Estates Development

Trasacco Estates Development Company Limited is synonymous with class and innovation.

The company, with projects worth around $350 million, has been a key player in Ghana's real estate industry for years.

13. Quao Realty

Quao Realty

Quao Realty promises quality real estate, with buildings of the highest quality and superior finishings that make them stand out.

The company offers houses for rent in East Legon and environs.

14. Regimanuel Gray Limited

Regimanuel Gray Limited

Limited was incorporated in 1991 with real estate development and home building as its core business.

Over the years, the company has acquired expertise in turnkey project site development.

15. Mobus Property Developments

Mobus Property Developments

Developments is a well-known construction company with much experience in the construction of contemporary housing units.

The company offers wonderful apartments for rent in Ghana.

16. Whitewall Properties Limited

Whitewall Properties Limited

Limited caters to the high-end Ghanaian market, providing top-tier apartment homes in prime locations around Accra.

The company is committed to developing world-class real estate at competitive prices.

17. Denya Developers Limited

Denya Developers Limited

Denya Developers Limited entered the property market in 2014 and has quickly become one of Ghana's most popular high-end residential real estate developers.

As a member of the Pragnya Group, Denya Developers brings over 20 years of real estate investing and developing experience to the table.

18. Swami India Ghana Limited

Swami India Ghana Limited

Swami India Ghana Limited specializes in building villas and residential complexes in Ghana, with a reputation for exquisite and superbly finished buildings.

The company is a preferred choice for those seeking quality, robust, and contemporary structures.

19. Imperial Homes

Imperial Homes

Imperial Homes has positioned itself as the go-to place for quality homes aimed at the high-net-worth market.

Over the last 10 years, the company has developed a reputation for not compromising on quality and finesse.

20. Chain Homes Limited

Clifton Homes

Chain Homes Limited has established itself as a major player in quality housing, with large and well-finished houses that evoke a sense of happiness and home.

The company's real estate projects are true works of art.

21. Mayfair Estates Ghana Properties

Mayfair Estates Ghana Properties

Mayfair Estates Ghana boasts some of the best and most experienced professionals in construction.

The company's projects are eye-catching and built to last, using only the best materials available.

22. Beaufort Properties

Beaufort Properties

specializes in the development, construction, and management of residential properties in Accra.

The company is known for providing the best in construction and finishing.

23. Emerald Properties

Emerald Properties

Emerald Properties excels in home-building projects, delivering truly unique houses.

As one of the largest real estate companies in Ghana, the company has some of the most experienced craftsmen working on their team.

24. CPL Developers

CPL Developers

CPL Developers has become a strong brand in the real estate market in Ghana, building and delivering breathtaking properties in central locations in Accra.

The company is a winner of the Ghana Property Awards for Developer of the Year in the Middle-Income sector.

25. Emefs Construction Limited

Emefs Construction Limited

Emefs Construction Limited is a first-class construction company in Ghana, specializing in general building and civil works.

The company is a preferred choice for construction projects within Ghana.

26. Signum Development

Signum Development

Signum Development has been providing bespoke homes to Ghanaians since the early 2000s.

The company is known for contemporary designs, great locations, and competitive prices. Quality is never compromised with Signum Development.

27. GreenPark Properties Limited

GreenPark Properties Limited

Limited focuses on developing quality and sustainable residential properties, recognizing that individual tastes vary.

The company aims to provide bespoke residential properties that cater to diverse preferences.

28. DP Group Limited

DP Group Limited

DP Group Limited is recognized for its exquisite buildings, featuring imaginative layouts, high specifications, excellent craftsmanship, and luxurious furnishings.

The company's contemporary approach to construction combines aesthetic beauty with great functionality.

Ghana's real estate sector is thriving, and these companies contribute significantly to the country's urban development.

From luxurious high-end properties to developments focused on affordability, these real estate companies cater to a diverse range of clients.

As the industry continues to evolve, these companies stand as pillars of innovation and professionalism, shaping the future of real estate in Ghana.

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