MainOne drives Ghana’s digital transformation with MDXi Appolonia data centre, AfPIF 2023 hosting

MDXi Appolonia Data Centre

Ghana's digital journey, marked by enhanced internet accessibility, a thriving mobile telecommunications market, and the government's commitment, stands as a benchmark for African nations.

Major global tech giants have chosen Ghana as their preferred location for African headquarters and labs.

Among the digital pioneers is , entering Ghana in 2010, committed to supporting digitization and providing quality telecommunications services.

Through infrastructural investments, MainOne significantly contributes to improving broadband penetration, making Ghana a shining example of digital advancement.

Data Centers Driving Digital Growth:

In June 2021, MainOne took a significant step with the launch of MDXi Appolonia, a Uptime Certified, Tier III in .

This facility caters to the rising demand for colocation and cloud services, introducing Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure platform in-country.

MDXi Appolonia addresses data sovereignty concerns, offering secure and compliant data storage within Ghana. It holds industry-standard certifications, including TCCF, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001.

Since its launch, MDXi Appolonia has positively impacted Ghana's digital ecosystem, improving resiliency, reducing latency, and enhancing the internet user experience.

Notably, internet penetration figures rose from 46.5% in 2021 to 71.94% as of May 2023, according to the National Communication Authority, Ghana.

Shaping Africa's Interconnectivity Landscape:

MainOne actively supports Ghana's digital aspirations and will host the Africa Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) in Accra in August 2023.

AfPIF aims to enhance connectivity and peering in Ghana, establishing it as a regional hub.

The conference will promote international visibility for Ghana, attract more players to the digital ecosystem, and facilitate knowledge sharing.

Powering Ghana's Digital Future:

The 2022 acquisition of MainOne by Equinix, the world's leading digital infrastructure company, strengthens Ghana's digital landscape.

This partnership widens access to global and regional markets, connecting businesses to a network of 248 data centres in 71 metros and 32 countries.

Beyond digital infrastructure, MainOne's contributions to infrastructure development, job creation, and knowledge sharing pave the way for Ghana's prosperous digital future.

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