Lakeside Estate refurbishes Katamansu Basic School, JHS in CSR initiative

Lakeside Estate Refurbishes Katamansu School in CSR Initiative

Katamansu, Ghana – The award-winning () Company of the Year 2021, , has undertaken a significant (CSR) project by refurbishing the Katamansu Primary and Junior High School for Quality Education. This project is a part of the company's commitment to supporting the local community.

The project, with a total estimated cost of ¢395,000, encompasses the refurbishment of three school blocks in Katamansu.

The work includes repairs and maintenance of doors, repainting classroom blocks, providing student exercise books, furnishing 100 school desks, tiling the headmaster's office and staff common room, washroom maintenance, rewiring and lighting enhancements, and replacing roofing sheets, among other improvements.

Isaac Ntiamoah, a representative of the Chief Executive Officer of Lakeside Estate, emphasized the importance of the children's future and the growth of the educational system.

He stated, “The children's future is key to achieving this mantra in propelling Ghana to the next level of national development, and therefore Lakeside Estate is committed to the growth of the educational system for the children.”

Nii Afotey Agbo, Chairman of the occasion (represented by Nii Kpakpo Sraha), expressed his appreciation for the work done to improve the quality of education in Katamansu.

He highlighted that the Ministry of Education has expressed its disapproval of the shift system and encouraged real estate companies like Lakeside Estate to support education as a national agenda, noting that education is vital for the future development of young students.

Isaac Asamoah, the District Directorate Representative, who also serves as the Human Resources Manager of the Education Directorate, lauded Lakeside Estate's initiative, stating that it has brought joy to the people of Katamansu and the Ministry of Education.

He stressed the need for more private developers, non-governmental organizations, and individuals to support the school's development due to the Ministry's limited resources.

The school's Headmaster acknowledged the positive transformation the refurbishment has brought, making the environment more conducive to teaching and learning.

He called on all stakeholders to join in improving the infrastructure development to eliminate the need for the shift system in both the school and the nation as a whole.

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