Lakeside Estate marks 25 years of affordable housing excellence and noteworthy accolades

Lakeside Estate marks 25 years of affordable housing excellence and noteworthy accolades

, a leading provider with a quarter-century of experience, is celebrating its commitment to democratizing the real estate business.

Led by the dedicated Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Prince-Joseph Ayiku, Lakeside Estate has been a trailblazer in providing quality and affordable solutions in the Adentan Municipality, Greater region.

What sets Lakeside Estate apart is its commitment to offering diverse housing solutions that cater to all segments of the working population.

Notably, the National Pensioners Association has endorsed Lakeside Estate as its preferred residence.

Over the years, Lakeside Estate's unwavering dedication to delivering superior and stylish yet affordable homes has earned them recognition.

The real estate provider has clinched several prestigious awards, including the () awards and the Ghana Real Estate Development Association () Awards.

Reflecting on the company's journey, Dr. Ayiku expressed gratitude for the numerous accolades received in 2023 alone, including the CIMG Real Estate Company of the Year 2022, GREDA's Best in High-End Community Set up for the Year 2022, Best in Middle-End Residential for the Year 2022, Gated Community-Middle End for the Year 2022, Green Award for the Year 2022, and Overall Real Estate Company for the Year 2022.

As Dr Prince-Joseph Ayiku celebrated his birthday in November, he expressed joy and gratitude for the successes of the year, promising Lakeside Estate's cherished customers nothing but the best in the coming year.

Looking ahead to 2023, Lakeside Estate has set pivotal strategic objectives to further strengthen its brand presence in the Ghanaian real estate sector.

The company's primary focus is on achieving and maintaining high customer satisfaction while upholding an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional, high-quality, and affordable housing solutions to its valued customers.

In October 2023, Lakeside Estate launched the Lakeside Hills project, which is progressing smoothly.

The project aims to redefine lifestyle living, appreciating nature, and creating a family-oriented household.

Situated in the serene Adentan Municipality overlooking the picturesque Aburi Mountains, Lakeside Hills offers modern amenities and a unique living experience.

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