Kpone Katamanso: Demolition in Santeo Jordan leaves residents homeless

Kpone Katamanso - Demolition in Santeo Jordan leaves residents homeless

Residents in the municipality find themselves in a state of homelessness following a recent demolition in the Santeo community.

The forced displacement of families has sparked concerns about the welfare and rights of the affected individuals, prompting a call for immediate intervention to address the humanitarian crisis.

The demolition exercise targeted structures in the Santeo community, displacing numerous households, reports suggest that the demolition was executed by an alleged estate developer as part of urban development plans, yet the sudden and forceful nature of the operation has left many residents without adequate shelter and resources.

According to a report by , some dwellers noted that they were offered items, including 50 bags of cement and blocks, to move out of their homes.

However, they refused the offer, adding that the demolition of their homes came two months after the proposition.

In a distressing revelation, one resident expressed defiance, stating, “I started building this house in 2009, and I was building it small, small, and I only finished it in 2018. I will go nowhere; I will be here till they kill me and my family.”

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