Isaac Hayford, CEO of Brynx Haven Hotels, advocates for tailored health-conscious hospitality

Isaac Hayford, CEO of Brynx Haven Hotels, advocates for tailored health-conscious hospitality

, Ghana – Isaac Hayford, the 52-year-old architect and CEO of Hotels in Accra and Cape Coast, emphasized the growing demand for personalized and tailored services.

Speaking at the official launch of the second boutique in Accra, Hayford shared insights into the evolving preferences of patrons in the hospitality industry.

“Patrons are seeking out very customized services, personalized to cater for their unique needs. It is not the one-size-fits-all service anymore; they want highly specialized services or products, and that is what we stand for,” remarked Isaac Hayford.

Situated in the serene residential area of near , Brynx Haven Accra features nine bedrooms, including five executive rooms and four standard rooms.

The hotel offers a unique ambience, spacious rooms, well-crafted closets, and bathrooms designed for a home-away-from-home experience.

The facility boasts a main kitchen and a bespoke indoor kitchen, allowing guests to interact with the chef and participate in meal preparation.

The emphasis on personalized services extends to accommodating specific health needs, with the CEO highlighting the importance of crafting meals tailored to individual dietary requirements.

“Someone may be diabetic and would not desire certain ingredients in their meals. It should be possible to design something healthy and acceptable for this person ready to spend their hard-earned money. We are talking health,” explained Hayford.

In addition to standard amenities such as large-screen televisions, beautiful art pieces, and DSTV, Brynx Haven offers an exclusive cinema experience with the option to request the latest movies at no extra cost. The hotel also features a for enhanced privacy.

Isaac Hayford, beyond hosting guests, expressed his availability to craft dream homes according to owners' specifications.

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