IndigoHomes affirms dedication to elevating living standards in Ghana’s real estate market

IndigoHomes affirms dedication to elevating living standards in Ghana's real estate market

, Ghana – , a prominent player in Ghana's market and a endeavour, has reaffirmed its dedication to providing quality home solutions that cater to the needs of its residents in Ghana.

Present in Ghana, , and , IndigoHomes, under the leadership of Cheryl Mills, the Founder and CEO of BlackIvy, is committed to building secure, vibrant, and enjoyable communities.

During a site tour at their residential developments in Oyarifa Park and Ayi Mensah Park, Cheryl Mills expressed the company's commitment to Ghana, stating, “We decided on Ghana as our first country of choice, though we visited nine countries. We ultimately determined the first place we wanted to invest in would be Ghana because people are very hospitable – very friendly, and there is a deep connection.”

Mills highlighted the company's approach to bridging infrastructure gaps by not just building houses but creating communities that enhance the quality of life. She emphasized the success of their projects, having completed and handed over 300 homes to proud homeowners.

“We are delighted to demonstrate versatility, resilience, ingenuity, and excellence in all of our projects. Because we are confident of the quality of homes we build, we give a 12-month home warranty for non-structural concerns and a 36-month warranty for any structural highlight that needs our attention,” Mills added.

IndigoHomes has earned accolades for its quality and innovative home and community designs, combining aspiration and functionality to reflect progressive and evolving lifestyles.

The homes are meticulously crafted, featuring attention to detail, integrated green parks and gardens, children's playgrounds, sports courts, swimming pools, and more.

From relaxing front porches to covered outdoor kitchens, paved double-car parking spaces, tree-lined sidewalks, open floor plans, gourmet kitchens with engineered stone countertops, and top-quality appliances, IndigoHomes aims to fulfil its slogan, ‘Love where you live.'

The company also emphasizes the creation of well-designed social amenities within their communities, collaborating with internationally accredited landscapers to build ergonomic, easy-to-manage, and long-lasting . IndigoHomes continues to set the standard for quality living in Ghana's real estate landscape.

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