GREDA urges real estate developers to prioritize quality homes

GREDA urges real estate developers to prioritize quality homes

The Ghana Developers Association () has called on its members to prioritize the delivery of quality homes to prospective clients, ensuring they receive value for their investments. This charge aims to elevate standards within the real estate industry.

Vice President of GREDA, Cynthia Opuni, emphasized this during her address as a special guest at the launch of ‘The Seven,' a project by Elrano Projects and Consult in , . Opuni urged Elrano Projects to leverage its expertise in both marketing and building technology to deliver of the highest quality.

“Elrano must use its expertise in both marketing and building technology to deliver quality housing that will serve as an icon along the coast of the country and become a beacon to others,” Opuni stated.

GREDA commended Elrano Projects for their initiative, expressing support for fellow members investing in construction during challenging times.

“For GREDA, we are here to lend our support to our fellow members, especially if somebody is willing to invest their time to construct now in these turbulent times,” Opuni affirmed.

Opuni highlighted the strategic location of ‘The Seven' project in Community 25, emphasizing its value as the government expands the main road. She advised potential investors that now is an opportune time to invest in the project before infrastructure development raises property prices.

‘The Seven' project aims to build seven modern vertical homes in a gated court, maximizing space and incorporating green building practices. The project offers two options to buyers: Mirth and Verve.

Mirth, a three-bedroom home expandable to four, includes a terraced roof, pergola, fully fitted kitchen cabinet, and wardrobes in all bedrooms. Verve, with similar features to Mirth, includes a penthouse, elevator, sky bar, and rooftop pool.

Council member of GREDA, Salah Kalmoni, praised the project's efficiency, noting that putting seven houses on two plots of land is remarkable. He encouraged more such ideas as land becomes more expensive.

Rev. Elvin Larkai, Managing Director of Elrano Projects and Consult, stressed the importance of collaboration and partnership in the real estate sector. He believes that partnering with media stakeholders to promote developers' projects could lead to faster and more cost-effective construction, benefiting both property seekers and businesses.

Elrano Projects and Consult advocates for increased collaboration and partnership in the real estate value chain, aiming to enhance the industry's overall quality and efficiency.

Source: Kwame Yankah

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