Ghana government urged to support real estate industry for affordable housing

Kasa Bazaar

, Ghana – The government has received a call to provide robust support to the industry to facilitate the construction of affordable houses for Ghanaians.

John William Adel, President of real estate firm , emphasized the importance of government intervention to bolster the real estate sector.

Speaking at the launch of Kasa Bazaar in Accra, Adel urged the government to implement measures that would empower real estate players to develop affordable solutions.

He emphasized the need for innovative approaches in the real estate sector, encouraging firms to explore unique opportunities for individuals to own their dream homes, moving away from the traditional model of buying land and constructing houses.

Rose Adel, the Chief Executive Officer of Kasa Bazaar, highlighted the company's commitment to providing flexible payment terms for individuals, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to build generational wealth through real estate.

“Kasa Bazaar is passionate about taking the real estate industry to a new dimension in Ghana and Africa. With its core values, passion for success, and focus on innovation, it is poised to be a major player in the real estate industry for years to come,” remarked Rose Adel.

Kasa Bazaar's values centre around God, family, and business, fostering a culture of excellence that motivates its team members to achieve their goals.

The company emphasizes superior talent, proven systems and models, and revolutionary technology to deliver the best possible service to its clients.

Source: James Eshun

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