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Expert Advice: Buying vs. building homes for first time homeowners

I find that an easy ice breaker for people in social settings is to ask about your job or an insight into a topical industry matter. At the recent launch of realtors association, I wasn’t disappointed in the least when barely 10 minutes into the program, I was served with the now famous “so what do you think, for a prospective first time homeowner, should I buy or build?” question. That is almost...

IMANI Africa vice president exposes discrepancies in Accra's real estate market

Mall rent in Accra can be more than 2.5 times that of the United States

Bright Simons, Vice President of IMANI Africa, has sparked a discourse on social media with revelations about the real estate dynamics in Accra, particularly in commercial hubs like the Accra Mall. Mr Simons highlighted the case of a high-end burger joint in the mall that is allegedly facing eviction over unpaid rent and utility bills. In a Twitter statement, Simons revealed that the burger joint...

Accra's Urban Evolution: A Nexus of Challenges and Opportunities

Accra’s Urban Evolution: A Nexus of Challenges and Opportunities

In 1877, the pivotal decision to relocate the Gold Coast's capital to Accra initiated a transformative journey that shaped the city into a bustling commercial hub, embodying the allure of urban living. However, Accra's meteoric rise, constituting nearly 17% of the nation's population within a mere 1.4% of the country's land mass, has birthed a phenomenon with both challenges and promising prospects...

First House or Dream House, which one comes first?

First house or dream house, which one comes first?

As much as we would all love for life to be easy and less stressful, the decision of owning a home can be complicated. However, whether one would want to build or buy his/her dream house or first house depends on the individual's financial strength and proper planning. The question is, which choice will provide you and your family with the most rewarding results in the end? Perhaps, we would...

The Pros and Cons of Moving into Your New Home in Ghana: A Personal Experience

The Pros and Cons of Moving into Your New Home in Ghana: A Personal Experience

Owning a home is everyone’s dream, regardless of one’s geographical location or race. In developing countries like Ghana, where inequalities are high and the housing deficit remains wide, it is considered a great achievement to live in one’s own home, be it a willed property, a family home, or a self-acquired apartment. Growing up, our parents often encouraged us to study hard in school, get a...

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