Exclusive Interview: Osman Karatas, chairman of Yagmur Group, on Grand Mirage project

Exclusive Interview Osman Karatas, chairman of Yagmur Group, on Grand Mirage project

In this exclusive interview with Osman Karatas, the Chairman of Yagmur Group, developers of iconic Mirage Residence, discover the vision and essence behind the esteemed Grand Mirage project that is currently being developed just one kilometre away from the (KIA), set to redefine upscale living in .

From its strategic location to its unparalleled amenities and commitment to quality, delve into what sets Grand Mirage apart in the realm of luxury , promising not just a home, but a complete living experience.

Journalist: Thank you for talking to us we're excited to learn more about Grand Mirage. Could you tell us about the whole idea behind it?

Chairman: The inception of Grand Mirage was rooted in our desire to bring something unparalleled to Accra. We started with a vast land of 1.1 acres in a prime location behind the Foreign Affairs Office, accessible from the Liberation route. Our slogan is ‘more than a home,' and we have aimed to make it just that. Grand Mirage is an excellent opportunity for investors.

Journalist: You mentioned that Grand Mirage is an excellent opportunity for investors. Could you elaborate?

Chairman: Absolutely, investing in Grand Mirage is not just a property , it's a lifestyle choice that promises long-lasting returns. Our project attracts a high-level tenant profile, including professionals and expatriates, which adds value to the investment. The multiple amenities and services on offer, along with the quality of life improvements, make it an irresistible package. So, it's not just a short-term investment; it's a legacy that you can be proud of. We are transparent in our dealings, and we believe that this investment will not only offer financial gains but also elevate one's lifestyle.

Journalist: The term “luxury” is often thrown around in real estate, particularly in Ghana. What, in your opinion, sets Grand Mirage apart from other so-called “luxury” projects?

Chairman: That's a great question. The word “luxury” has indeed become a bit diluted. For us, it's not just a tag. What sets Grand Mirage apart is our holistic approach to the living experience. It's in the little details—like the top-notch materials we use, the care and skill of our workers, and our focus on getting every detail just right. To really get it, you have to see and live in Grand Mirage.

And also We're not just offering upscale apartments; we're creating a community complete with essential services and recreational spaces. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our residents, not just sell them an apartment. To truly grasp what I'm describing, I invite our prospective clients to visit our previous development, Mirage Residence, for a tangible example of our commitment to excellence.

Journalist: The facilities sound amazing. Could you elaborate on what residents can expect?

Chairman: Absolutely. As soon as you enter Grand Mirage, a grand lobby sets the tone, much like a five-star . For daily conveniences, we have an on-site supermarket, fast-food shop, hairdressing salon, and even a pharmacy. If you need home decor, you'll find our interior design workshop quite appealing.

For leisure, we offer a range of options—beautiful gardens, a children's playground, a swimming pool, and a well-equipped fitness centre with areas for yoga and Pilates. Working professionals can benefit from our business lounge and business centre. Plus, we have housekeeping and laundry services to make life easier for everyone.

So, it's not just a home; it's a complete living experience.

Journalist: What variety of apartments are on offer?

Chairman: We have a diverse range of options to suit various budgets—from studios to one, two, and three-bedroom and LOFT apartments. If you are looking for something more special, we have VIP Penthouses. These are equipped with private elevators, swimming pools, and gyms—akin to living in a villa in a tall structure..

Journalist: Once an investor makes a purchase, how do you ensure the quality of their investment is maintained?

Chairman: That's a great question. Quality assurance doesn't stop for us once the sale is made. We manage the buildings we develop with our own skilled staff, ensuring that the premium experience is consistently delivered. We stand firmly behind our brand and take the long-term satisfaction of our investors very seriously. Additionally, we manage their properties, taking care of rentals for our clients. So not only do they have a quality property, but they also have a seamless investment experience with us.

Journalist: The location seems prime. How important was that in your planning?

Absolutely, location is more than just a convenience factor; it's a significant driver of value appreciation. Being in the heart of Accra, especially near the Airport, not only gives residents accessibility but also makes the property increasingly desirable. This, in turn, elevates the profile of prospective tenants, ensuring that our community is comprised of high-calibre individuals. So, in essence, the prime location serves a dual purpose: enhancing lifestyle for residents while solidifying the investment's long-term value.

Journalist: Could you provide an update on the current stage of construction for Grand Mirage?

Chairman: Certainly. At present, the construction progress at Grand Mirage is moving swiftly. Our blocks are fully completed, and we're nearing the completion of wall works. Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical works are underway at full speed while finishing works are set to commence shortly. We're proud to announce that we're on track for completion by the end of 2025. Within just almost one year, we've made tremendous progress, a testament to our experience and unwavering commitment to delivering on schedule.

This rapid pace is particularly noteworthy considering the common trend in Ghana where developers often take extended periods to complete projects. We understand the frustration customers face when promised timelines aren't met, which is why we prioritize transparency and timely delivery. At Grand Mirage, not only do we offer exceptional quality and an unparalleled living experience, but we also ensure that our promises translate into tangible progress on the ground, safeguarding our customers' investments and trust.

Journalist: Lastly, how do you envision the future of real estate in Ghana, and where does Grand Mirage fit into this vision?

Chairman: The future is incredibly bright. As Ghana becomes an even bigger player on the global stage, the demand for quality residential options will grow. Grand Mirage aims to set the standard for what can be achieved in Ghanaian real estate, creating a ripple effect that we hope will encourage more such comprehensive, lifestyle-oriented projects.

Journalist: Thank you for sharing these insights. It sounds like Grand Mirage is set to redefine luxury living in Accra.

Chairman: It's our pleasure. We believe in the project and its potential to contribute positively to the city and its residents. We can't wait for people to experience it themselves

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