Eleven-Eleven Oceanfront Estate redefines luxury in Ghana real estate

Eleven-Eleven Oceanfront Estate

Ghana's horizon is witnessing a transformative shift as leisure and tourism-related properties, particularly oceanfront estates, gain prominence.

One such groundbreaking project is the Eleven-Eleven Oceanfront Estate in Gomoa Fetteh, Ghana, poised to redefine luxury and in the region.

Investor Appeal of Oceanfront Properties in Ghana

Oceanfront properties, synonymous with luxury, have become a global real estate focal point.

The allure of breathtaking views and a serene environment has driven the growth of leisure and tourism-related real estate.

In line with this trend, Ghana is emerging as a sought-after destination, attracting savvy investors looking to buy beach property.

The Eleven-Eleven Oceanfront Estate epitomizes this trend, offering a unique ownership model, luxurious accommodations, and a commitment to .

Located in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region, this 5-star resort is strategically positioned just 75 minutes from International Airport.

A Collaborative Vision: Unveiling the Oasis

Eleven-Eleven represents the collective vision of accomplished individuals—a renowned architect, a seasoned business strategist, and a style and experience tastemaker.

The resort, set to open in 2024, boasts over 170 kilometres of beachfront, providing a haven of tranquillity, exceptional design, and world-class service.

The development comprises 54 units with 71 bedrooms, offering a diverse range of options from one-bedroom studios to two-bedroom oceanfront villas and penthouse suites.

Notably, Eleven-Eleven introduces a unique ownership model where each of the 54 investors becomes a hotelier, owning a unit in the resort.

Distinctive Ownership Model and Investment Potential

The ownership model allows investors to reside in their units or generate income by renting them out.

The management company ensures professional management and rental services, with a projected return of over 35% and a payback period of three years.

Eleven-Eleven aspires to set new standards of service excellence in Ghana, combining global best practices with local expertise.

The resort aims to cater to a diverse clientele, including global tourists, couples seeking an idyllic wedding destination, and institutions or corporations looking for a serene venue for events.

Sustainability and Local Empowerment

Beyond its luxurious offerings, Eleven-Eleven is committed to sustainability and local empowerment.

The resort aims to serve as a role model for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, exploring clean power options and supporting community initiatives.

A percentage of profits will contribute to financial support for local initiatives, such as adopting a local orphanage.

Eleven-Eleven Oceanfront Estate stands as a remarkable opportunity for investors seeking to embrace the charm and potential of Ghana's residential tourism.

With its captivating oceanfront environment, innovative ownership model, and commitment to sustainability, Eleven-Eleven emerges as a game-changer in Ghana's flourishing real estate market.

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