Distinguished Touch launches AB Liberty Heights: A fusion of modern living and workspaces

Distinguished Touch launches AB Liberty Heights

, a prominent property management company, in collaboration with its development partners, has unveiled the AB Liberty Heights—a sophisticated development featuring a blend of office spaces and apartments.

In a bid to make property ownership more accessible, Distinguished Touch has introduced a revolutionary model named ‘buy now pay monthly.'

This innovative approach aims to alleviate financial constraints by providing businesses with office spaces and prospective homeowners with apartments through flexible payment options.

Project Director at Distinguished Touch, Kamalrideen Ibn Farid Bagonluri, expressed the project's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of stakeholders.

Located in the prime area of with easy road accessibility, AB Liberty Heights stands out for its strategic location, impeccable design, and competitive pricing.

Bagonluri stated during the launch in , “The ongoing AB Liberty Heights project is a modern facility designed with the needs of all stakeholders in mind. Its prestigious location, coupled with the finest artistic design and moderate pricing, makes it one of the best offers in town and is highly recommended for corporate institutions and individual businessmen and women.”

Explaining the ‘buy now pay monthly' model, Bagonluri emphasized its customer-centric nature, allowing early occupancy after the initial deposit and flexible payment terms spanning up to 10 years.

This extended repayment period aims to facilitate a smooth and stress-free payment process for clients.

The AB Liberty Heights boasts secure and modern mixed-use commercial spaces, including ample parking.

The facility offers 24-hour on-site facility management and maintenance services, enhancing convenience for occupants.

Additionally, its proximity to major banks, and multinational organizations, and a mere 10-minute drive from further underscores its strategic appeal.

Distinguished Touch remains dedicated to finding practical solutions, ensuring that property ownership becomes an achievable reality for everyone.

The AB Liberty Heights represents not just a living or working space but a seamless fusion of modern amenities and financial convenience.

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