The Real Estate Success Story of Cwesi Oteng Desmond

Cwesi Oteng Desmond, an esteemed luxury Realtor, Property Consultant, and developer, has made a profound impact on the global scene. With over eight years of international experience across Europe, America, and Africa, COD embodies passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication.

Fluent in Twi and English, Mr. Cwesi Oteng embarked on his academic journey at Technical University, earning an HND in Civil Engineering. His quest for knowledge led him to further studies at the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) in Chicago, becoming a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) and a Certified Property Manager (CPM).

Continuing Professional Development:

Beyond formal education, COD's pursuit of excellence includes active participation in numerous professional development programs worldwide. This global exposure has enriched his understanding of diverse entrepreneurial practices, Real Estate, and cultural nuances.

Early Career and Education

COD's journey into business blends passion, education, and experience, starting with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Establishing COD Properties & Construction and Other Ventures

COD's entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of his construction and Property firm, focusing on Marketing, Communications, , Tourism, and Arts. His strategic approach, fueled by initial investments, enabled the provision of top-notch services and the creation of luxurious homes.

Key Investments in Real Estate

COD's investments in realty have led to the establishment of COD Properties and Consultancy, showcasing luxurious homes and a successful business model, driving significant revenue and expansion.

Venturing Beyond Real Estate

Beyond development, COD's influence extends to cultural exchange and business facilitation, promoting Ghana as a tourism destination and showcasing homes across various African countries and Dubai.

Leadership and Influence

As a young CEO and recipient of the Realtor of the Year Award, COD spearheads initiatives to connect talents across Africa, focusing on real estate, marketing, tourism, and business facilitation.

Luxury Homes Promotion Project

COD's initiative aims to make Ghana a top tourism destination, emphasizing affordable and luxurious homes and business exchange, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to business.

A Visionary's Journey

With nearly a decade of experience across continents, COD's diverse exposure has shaped his perspective on hospitality and success factors in the industry.

Impact and Recognition

COD's work has garnered recognition, including awards at the Ghana Property Awards and collaborations with prominent figures in the Real Estate industry.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

COD's philanthropic efforts extend beyond his professional achievements, highlighting his commitment to making a tangible difference in communities.

COD's journey from a single room to a multi-faceted entrepreneur showcases the power of blending expertise with passion, revolutionizing traditional concepts and making significant impacts across sectors.

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