Curtains in Ghana: A rising industry of creativity and innovation

Curtains in Ghana A rising industry of creativity and innovation

Choosing the right curtain designs to furnish indoor spaces is often a challenge for homeowners in Ghana.

The curtain business is one of the most booming industries, yet it is among the least recognized in the country in recent times. The sector requires high creativity and innovativeness to attract more customers.

Due to the cost involved in the furnishing of places, some individuals refuse to explore the ideas and skills of beginners in the industry, but some startups put in their best creations to grasp customers’ attention.

Educraft Curtains is a firm that thrived on an opportunity granted by a client when the business was freshly established and has now developed to become one of Ghana’s best creatives in curtain production.

Speaking on a show on Monday, the founder, Jessica Rich-Acquaye, who doubles as the general manager of Aducraft Furniture, expressed how they were able to convince people and break into the Ghanaian market scene.

“I was blessed to have that one customer who gave me the chance to do this, and I didn’t disappoint. I delivered it and took pictures, and then the next person that came showed them the work I did. So, I can do it for them, and it took convincing one customer to the other to do better with each job on the way, and here we are today.”

For her, assembling the right team to work with was a challenge until the emergence of COVID-19, when she realised that the efficiency of the business does not depend on how many workers there are.

She laid off the majority of employees and was left with two people to work with. It was then that the business became more effective, despite the reduction in numbers. This made her believe that having a low number of employees with the right plans can help grow a business.

Even though she created her own concept out of the main Aducraft Furniture firm, which is a family business, Mrs. Rich-Acquaye said she independently established it without drawing finances from the family business.

“For me, I felt I didn’t need all the money in the world to start. I felt like if I got that one thing to start that one job, I could do it and grow from there.”

Despite the challenges in the business, Mrs. Rich-Acquaye thinks Ghana’s curtains industry is improving gradually but still “has a long way to go.”

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