Chartered Institute of Realtors set to launch in Ghana, aiming to unify, elevate real estate standards

Chartered Institute of Realtors

The Chartered Institute of (CIR), a global body dedicated to enhancing the skills and standards within the industry, is poised for its official launch in Ghana.

The event is expected to attract a diverse audience, including policymakers, international property developers, legal professionals, politicians, clergy, key government stakeholders, academia, and property investors.

The primary goal of the CIR in Ghana is to project unity within the various sectors of the building environment on a global scale, establishing itself as a recognized certification body in the worldwide real estate industry.

The real estate landscape in Ghana currently features several recognized professional bodies, each contributing significantly to the industry.

Institutions like the and various associations adhere to established standards of operation.

The CIR aims to follow the model set by other professional bodies, such as those in Accountancy, Law, and Banking, providing education on professional standards and ethics.

The institute plans to offer quality training across various fields, harmonizing the skills, experiences, and services of stakeholders to provide comprehensive education, training, and certifications.

The CIR's approach involves structured training, seminars, and workshops in progressive stages to systematically enhance understanding of concepts and conventions in the real estate field.

To achieve its objectives, the will collaborate with realtors and professional associations globally, providing resources to equip its members with the necessary tools to advance professionalism, quality, and excellence.

Given the global expansion of the real estate industry, the CIR recognizes the importance of addressing diverse issues such as land acquisition, property litigation, fraud, pricing, broker management services, and property and facility management.

Safeguarding the integrity of the industry will not only sustain but also re-establish confidence, offering valuable insights to navigate the varied situations arising from experiences worldwide.

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