Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) reaffirms commitment to sustainable construction in Africa

Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) reaffirms commitment to sustainable construction in Africa

The Qualification Liaison Manager for the (CIOB) in sub-Saharan Africa, Ntando Teddy Khuzwayo, has emphasized the institute's unwavering dedication to fostering sustainable construction development across the continent.

Speaking at a symposium organized by CIOB Tomorrow's Leaders in Ghana, Mr. Khuzwayo highlighted the institute's vision to serve as a catalyst for transformative change in the construction industry.

He expressed the commitment of CIOB members to go beyond their qualifications to actualize this vision.

In outlining the institute's dedication to driving change, Khuzwayo emphasized the CIOB's core vision of creating a construction industry that is fundamentally sustainable.

“The CIOB strives to lead the way in fostering a construction industry that is not only efficient and innovative but most importantly sustainable,” he stated.

Khuzwayo encouraged professionals and organizations to join hands in this transformative journey and urged members to form strategic partnerships to actively shape the construction landscape towards .

“As we embark on this journey together, let us seize the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and forge partnerships that will propel us forward to a more sustainable and resilient future,” he urged.

Architect Laud Affotey, Principal Architect at , cited a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) indicating that the construction industry contributes 37 percent of the global carbon footprint.

Arc Affotey emphasized the need for the industry to acknowledge this fact as a starting point toward adopting more sustainable building practices.

Affotey highlighted eco-friendly practices, including the reuse of materials, reducing material importation, and reviving the timber industry to conserve and protect the environment.

He stressed that sustainability in construction doesn't mean avoiding building but rather building in a way that preserves the community and environment for future generations.

Dr. Elijah Boadu, head of the Civil Engineering Department, called on the government to enact laws compelling builders to incorporate sustainability in their works.

He believed that such legislation would lead to increased demand for sustainable construction jobs, prompting academia to adapt its curriculum accordingly.

Samuel Newlove Bonney, Director for SKOL Consult Limited, urged surveyors to review their operations for environmental sustainability.

He cited projects in Ghana, such as the Office and Head Office, as examples of eco-friendly construction that should be emulated by professionals.

The symposium, which brought together professionals, students, and academics, served as a platform to explore and champion sustainability in construction practices.

Since its establishment in 1834, the CIOB has been dedicated to advancing the science and practice of building and construction for the betterment of society.

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