Appolonia City to undergo $10 million infrastructural facelift over next 3 years

Appolonia City to undergo $10 million infrastructural facelift over next 3 years

, Ghana – , Greater Accra's futuristic urban development situated 20km east of Accra, is set to undergo a significant infrastructural transformation estimated at $10 million over the next three years.

The project, spearheaded by Rendeavour, Africa's largest private city developer, aims to address the country's infrastructure deficit.

Ghana is grappling with a substantial infrastructure deficit, requiring hundreds of billions of dollars in investments, a task too monumental for any single African government to undertake.

The recently approved 2023 budget earmarked $222 million for capital expenditure, underscoring the challenge of meeting the nation's infrastructural needs.

To contribute to bridging this gap, Appolonia City, launched in 2016, has a history of investing in critical infrastructure.

In response to the government's call for private sector involvement, Appolonia City invested $2.5 million in a 20-megawatt power station in 2016 to ensure stable electricity for residents and industrial activities within the enclave.

Building on this commitment to infrastructure development, Appolonia City plans to invest an additional $10 million over the next three years.

In 2023 alone, approximately $2 million will be allocated to expanding access to water, power, and selected roads within Nova Ridges 2 and 3 in Appolonia City, where significant development activities are underway.

The infrastructural upgrades will also extend to the access roads within the Appolonia City Industrial Park, enhancing overall connectivity and accessibility.

This aligns with the company's dedication to fostering sustainable development and improving the quality of life within the enclave.

Appolonia City, a 2,535-acre development, draws parallels with the scale of communities 1 through 12, developed during Ghana's first presidency under Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Source: Abubakar Ibrahim

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